Last Updated 2019-07-08

  • Objectives / Caches
    1. Move at a moderate pace with team to clear enemies up to and around the objective. Don't step on the objective yet. Wait for team to catch up before clearing and capturing point together.
  • Firing Lanes
    1. Don't step into firing lanes.
  • Last Player Alive
    1. Disregard all of the above and just bring the team back.

"I know better than you"

Don't tell others how they should play past the guidelines. They offer a minimum barrier of entry and shouldn't transpire into anything close to a military sim.

How Tactical?

Tactical can mean different things to different people. On an imaginary scale of Call of Duty MW+ to Arma, this server should pretty much be represented by the red-colored range:

Admin Respawns

Dying in the game should mean something. Aside from certain ridiculous AI behavior, death should make you think about why you died and to make better choices next time. Abusing the admin respawn feature by respawning yourself (or the team) whenever you die works against this.