When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released in 2007, the gaming industry shifted from methodical, slow-paced tactical shooters to a more arcadey, fast-paced, "run 'n' gun" gameplay style. While the market clearly showed a larger interest in this type of gameplay, fans of games like Rainbow Six (pre Vegas), Ghost Recon (pre Advanced Warfare), and the SWAT series were left behind.

Insurgency sort of filled that space when the team at New World Interactive released Insurgency in 2014 with the objective to make a hardcore, tactical shooter. While the majority play fast-paced, it has enough depth and mechanics to support moderate and slow-paced tactical gameplay with its distinctive weapon recoil, a variety of movement speeds, and its deadly 1-2 shots to kill. With plenty of mod support, community-run servers offer a variety of gameplay experiences for everyone--each with their own set of rules.

NWI continued with this game design into their sequel Insurgency: Sandstorm, recently released in December 2018. With a sequel on a new game engine, INSTACTICAL aims to be a community for those who want to enjoy an Insurgency: Sandstorm server that often follows a moderate to slow-paced cooperative experience akin to old-school tactical shooters.

The "ins" part of the name comes from keeping consistency with great Insurgency communities like INS Militia by Spliffz and insGamer by DeltaMike.